Partnership Between IWB and APAES Federation of São Paulo State in Brazil
Image of Carlos Pereira, representative of IWB, signed an agreement with the President of the APAEs Federation of the State of São Paulo.

The Livox will reach all APAES (Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional) of São Paulo. On Friday (13) FEAPAES-SP (Federation of APAES the State of São Paulo) and IWB (Inclusion Without Borders) signed an agreement for the 305 APAES receive an application license.

The first step of this partnership took place on Friday, with the signing of the contract and grant licenses and tablets for the 22 Regional Councils of FEAPAES-SP. Professionals such APAES participated in a training to use the software in the organization.

Soon the 305 APAES, and thousands of people served by these APAES, may acquire the LIVOX license with reduced cost because this partnership with IWB.

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