Who we are?

IWB (Inclusion Without Borders) is a non-profit organization based in Orlando, Florida, USA. Our goal is to include people with disabilities in society through technology.

Our initiatives include: 

  • Distribution and training of our award-winning communication software Livox.
  • Creation and distribution of technologies that enable people with motor disabilities to use computers, light bulbs, etc.
  • Creation and distribution of software that allows people with auditory deficit to hear better in classrooms and other environments.
  • Various other initiatives aimed at the social inclusion of people with disabilities.
Our Mission
At IWB we believe that technology can make achievements possible for people with disabilities. Technology can improve life considerably, however many disabled persons have no access to the latest innovations. Our goal is to create innovative technologies and distribute them to the needy ones. Our mission is well summarized in our motto: Equal opportunities for everyone.
Our Vision
Create a world of equal opportunities, making it accessible and borderless.
Who Does?
Photography Caubi Arraes, VP Legal.

Caubi Arraes


Photography Carlos Pereira, Project Manager.

Carlos Pereira

Project Manager

Photography Paulo Rodrigues, Project Director

Paulo Henrique Rodrigues

Project Director

Who are they?
More than a billion people around the world live with some form of disability.
Worldwide, people with disabilities present worse health prospects, lower levels of educational attainment, economic participation and higher poverty rates as compared to people without disabilities. In part, this is due to the fact that people with disabilities face barriers in accessing services that many of us consider long-backed, such as health, education, employment, transportation, and information. These difficulties are exacerbated in the poorest communities. 
The vision that drives us is a world of inclusion, in which all we can live a life of health, comfort, and dignity.

Mr. Robert B. Zoellick
World Bank Group

Dr. Margaret Chan
Director General
World Health Organization
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